Fravo is a mobile app that helps you find the cheapest alcohol near you, it's the best option for those wanting to buy alcohol at the best price possible.

It's an app to help you find which bottle shop in your area has your favourite drinks at the cheapest prices.

Need a deal on a carton of beer, bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka? Then grab Fravo and you will find the cheapest deals in your area.

If you've ever wondered which bottle shop has Corona, Penfolds, Grey Goose, Veuve Clicquot or Bundaberg Rum at the best price then Fravo is the app for you.

Features include:

The ability to search for prices on specific items or general alcohol categories nearest to you.

An integrated map showing the closest bottle shops to your current location - The ability to search all listed deals at a particular bottle shop

The ability to notify you of where your favourite drinks are cheapest

Whether you're looking to buy a carton of beer on the way to a mates house or a bottle of merlot on the way to a dinner party... Fravo is here to save you time and money!